We are the UK’s number one supplier of Gingival Barriers. We simply will not be beaten on price or quality so you can buy in confidence with us. You can now order on-line via our ordering system and take free delivery of our Gingival Barriers in nine different pack sizes.

We supply dental practices and teeth whitening technician’s from all over the UK with our Gingival Barriers. The likelihood is if you have ever had a teeth whitening procedure done, it was probably our product that was used.

A Gingival Barrier is a photo-sensitive resin material, which is why they come in a black syringes. When exposed to UV or blue LED light, the resin hardens, which is why it can protect the gums from the bleaching gel. The Barriers are typically available in different colors, but our product is an attractive dark blue.


To ensure the best possible teeth whitening experience safety should always be at the forefront and the appropriate steps should always be taken to protect the gums and teeth.

These high grade Gingival Barriers help protect the gums and soft tissue during the teeth whitening process. We offer 1.5ml single use syringes, which are perfect for professional use, this means 1 Syringe per customer and cross contamination is avoided.

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